Meet The Phantom Trading Team

With over 50+ years of combined experience, you’ll be learning from some of the best traders in the industry.
Learn from real, consistently profitable traders who are funded with prop firm and private capital.


Brad Wyse, also known as Wyse, is the co-founder of Phantom Trading and a professional trader with almost a decade of experience in the markets and half a decade of experience coaching traders to find consistency and refine their edges. He has a background in financial analysis, accounting, and wealth management. A proud father to two kids with a passion for coffee, hiking, gaming, and technology. Brad is the voice behind the Phantom Trading Strategy course and will guide you through all of the technical components of the strategy; simplifying supply and demand trading.

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Kevin Warner, also known as Warner, is the co-founder of Phantom Trading. A professional funded day trader and investor with 15+ years experience working in the financial markets operating under multi regulation, within inter-dealer brokers, wealth/asset management, proprietary companies, CFD brokers and trader mentoring. Warner has guided and educated thousands of students and has an indepth understanding on Fusion analysis, Economics, Psychology, Investment risk and portfolio planning.


Aaron has 6 years worth of FX trading experience, trading personal & proprietary trading companies funds. He has mentored +1000 students over the past 2 years within Phantom, showcasing his ability to teach, explain & support students through each phase of their journey to consistent profitability.

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Alex Trickey

Alex has over 6 years of trading experience, and has helped educate thousands of traders across numerous formats such as live group environments, private mentorships and also pre-recorded educational content. Alex excels at being able to articulate his thought process, building systematic approaches to otherwise complex concepts and teaching them in an effortless and coherant fashion to his students.


Brian, also known as Blackwatch, – CEO of Swift Journal – is an expert day trader with over a decade of experience in professional mentorship. His mentorship experience spans from high profile economic consulting firms in Washington, DC to prominent tech companies such as Apple, Inc. He has educated thousands of students, and has a strong understanding of the common issues traders face and how to address them.

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Rob, also known as Coldwater is a funded forex and US indicies trader with over 6 years of trading experience. Rob is located in Canada and comes from a technical background but is very passionate about trade psychology and it’s role in finding long-term consistency as a professional trader. Rob is also responsible for running the backtesting calls within the Phantom Trading community bi-weekly teaching our members how to backtest and maintain their trading edge.

Don Miguel

Miguel, also known as Don Miguel, is a Portuguese trader based in Spain. He started trading 5 years ago as a forex day trader and swing trader. Don Miguel also hosts the live backtesting calls alongside Coldwater and the London Lull livestreams with Warner. Besides trading Miguel is also a pool (billiards) lover and player. His background is in the IT industry doing database administration.

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Eric is a professional German Trader, who specifically trades US30 and GBPUSD. He started as a member in Phantom but eventually joined as a very important part of the team because he’s able to explain and simplify the complexities of trading the our strategy in the support channels. Eric actively supports the community in live sessions and chats to help people achieve consistency in their trading.

Why Choose Phantom Trading?

Phantom Trading Founders

What separates Phantom from the rest of the pack is that our founders and team members all actually trade the Phantom strategy in the live market, with live capital in the form of prop firm funding, personal accounts, and private investors capital. We also share our live trades alongside MT4 screenshots to prove we actually caught them.

Before our founders Brad and Kevin set out to start their own trading community, they were already trading this strategy for years with private investment capital well into the 7 figures+ mark! 

Phantom Trading Founders

Kevin even worked on the trading floor as a manager at an actual financial institution in London, while Brad spent years honing his consistency as a trader while he worked full-time as a financial analyst for multiple software companies in Canada.

The reason Brad and Kev decided to start Phantom Trading is because many aspiring traders were begging them to create their own community… so they set out with a vision to make learning how to trade more accessible, and to help people change their lives by teaching them how to trade by using what we now call the “Phantom Strategy”.

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