One of the most common questions we get from aspiring traders is “how long does it take to learn forex trading?”. While the answer may vary across a wide spectrum of people, the process and the timeframe for learning the skills and making ample progress towards one’s goal of achieving consistent profitability and funding is straightforward and the same for everyone. In this article we’ll be breaking down what you can expect to invest as far as time and energy to reach this outcome. If you’re interested in beginning your journey as a forex trader or a trader of any instrument for that matter and are curious of what the journey entails, read on.

What The Process Of Learning To Trade Looks Like

Learning how to trade the markets is similar to learning how to do anything new. When starting out learning how to do something you’ve never done before, you’ll want to seek out experts in the space who have done or are doing what you are aiming to do. By modelling after others, we are able to learn new skills faster by shortcutting the learning curve of having to figure things out for ourselves. So the first step in learning how to trade will be seeking out a mentor with whom you trust and can easily understand. From there, the process is quite straightforward. You’ll be consuming course content and practicing what you’re learning on the charts via a tool like

In the beginning you’ll be marking up charts, identifying entry and exit criteria for positions and practicing all of this in real time via demo accounts (practice accounts). At Phantom Trading, we typically have our students work this part of the process for the first couple months until they’ve got a grasp of how everything works.

From there, we’ll introduce our traders to funding programs and showcase how any trader can acquire limitless funds from many of today’s available proprietary firms. These prop firms allow traders who are consistently profitable to acquire funds and trade those funds while receiving the majority of the profit split for bringing the skillset to the table.

When our traders pass the challenges and verification stages that these prop firms have to offer, they are rewarded with the account size in full that they selected. From this point forward, all profitable months will compound within the account and the trader can withdraw payouts as he or she likes. At this stage, you’re a consistently profitable trader with a funded account and you’re free to continue trading that or go on to acquire multiple funded accounts and really pool your total capital under management.

Overall this process from A to Z typically takes about 12 months for our students here at Phantom Trading. Some do it faster, some slower, but from what we’ve gauged, this is approximately the average time it takes from someone fairly new to become competent enough that they can confidently pass trials and challenges and achieve funded status.

Mindset: The Part Most Trading Programs Don’t Properly Address

What we’ve noticed having now worked with well over 10,000 students over the past couple of years is that the majority of programs and mentors available online do not properly address the most foundational part of becoming a consistently profitable and funded trader which is mindset. Most traders do not fail for the reasons commonly talked of, they fail because their expectations about the process were not based in reality and they become frustrated when things aren’t going their way and give up on themselves well before they get where they’re trying to go.

This is the core reason we created the Phantom Trading 12 Month Roadmap. This roadmap lays out a realistic path for traders to take as they learn and practice a proven strategy while receiving the support needed along the way to build a real skill that can provide levels of income that most career paths never could. The high level version of this roadmap is available here.

When you inevitably face adversity and hardship as you learn how to trade, it’s important to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is it you’re hoping trading will provide for you if you keep going? Having this front and center as you show up and take action each day will keep your mind in the right place as you progress.

Being surrounded by others who are on a similar path to you will also help keep you in the right mental frame to make success more plausible. We recommend joining a community of like minded traders who are following the same process as you step by step and who can support you whenever you feel like you aren’t understanding something or you aren’t progressing fast enough. There is strength in numbers. It’s no lie that it’s easier to achieve a goal as a team than it is going it alone. We’ve witnessed this in our own community as well as many past communities we’ve been a part of.

Learning Forex Trading: Putting It All Together

What’s our suggestion? Give it a year. Give it 12 months of focused, undistracted attention. We promise you that if you commit to this process and give it your all for 12 months, you’ll be shocked at how good you’ll be at this in one year’s time. We speak from a place of confidence only because we’ve witnessed 1000’s of our own community members share transformations of their own having been through the full Phantom roadmap we have laid out internally.

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Robert Castillo
FX Trader & Analyist 
Writer & Editor