Phantom Member Success Stories

Check out some of our members who have gotten funded and have found consistency by learning and applying the Phantom Trading methodology and by following the funded trader roadmap!

phantom trading review
phantom trading review

Jay – $200,000 In Funding

“I’ve been with Phantom for around 9 months. It took me about 6 months with Phantom before I actually went to take a challenge. I was able to secure $200,000 with MFF and I passed both the challenge and verification within 10 days of trading using the strategy. I still have the account and have been getting regular payouts too.

Phantom helped me massively in understanding everything. I feel like the other platforms I was with before had a very basic understanding of the market. The Phantom course by comparison was great with the trade recaps and help from the educators on the team that really sharpened me up.

Also just want to say, a massive thank you for giving me and my family financial freedom and consistency in trading.  Phantom’s strategy and community really was the key for me.”

phantom trading funding

Eugene – $140,000 In Funding

“I joined Phantom in October 2021. For the first 3-4 months, was watching all the content several times, attending every weekly Zoom meeting. Before that, was studying trading for 2 years using retail strategies.

My first funded account I got in 7 months after joining Phantom, and putting 6-8 hours of work every day ever since. Currently I have 2 Funded accounts ($100k + $20K) and 1 personal account ($20K).

Phantom explained Price Action in detail, explaining what is happening and why and what we should anticipate. Mainly structure, Supply & Demand interaction and Liquidity. Truly mechanical approach to technical analysis. Also learned about good risk management that kept me on track.

Now that I’m actually profitable, I decided to stay in Phantom community because of community and team members.”

See How This Phantom Trading Member Secured $800K In Funding, Plus Got A $50,000 MFF Payout


Learn how one of our members, Mamadou, was able to hone his edge using the Phantom Trading methodology and was able to secure $800,000 in funding and get a $50,000 payout with the prop firm MyForexFunds!

Mamadou My Fored Funds

Mamadou – $800,000 In Funding

“I’ve been with phantom for about 8 months now joined at the beginning of the year and took my time with the course as suggested in the roadmap.

I was funded before joining Phantom but I wasn’t consistent so I lost my first account. While using the Phantom strategy it took me about 3 months to get funded again. Granted, I’m not new to trading (I’ve been trading over 2 years) and I can dedicate more time to learning than the average person since I don’t have a 9 to 5.

In terms of funding right now I have about 800k in funding capital.

I believe that joining the community helped me find consistency because of the style of trading. Before I used to chase the market trading breakouts but now I let the market come to me. Also, my mindset has evolved reading & interacting with the coaches and some of the traders in here. That helped me tremendously with my trading psychology.

Lastly, with the risk to reward and the possibilities of this strategy, the wins really help offset the losses. So with a rigorous trading plan, I’ve been able to trade more consistently.

I would advise new traders to follow the roadmap. Even though you may feel the urge to rush to the charts, you should take your time with the content and ask questions when you are really stuck. Then, whenever you feel like you are ready and you got the data to back up your edge, don’t be afraid to to go for funding or to start trading your own capital. At the end of the day, this is a game of probabilities and with patience your Edge will always come out on top.

Meet Tyson

Phantom member turned funded team member in under a year.

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of Australia.
  • Now making more in one trade than he did working 12 months at his job.

Meet Dan

Day 1 Phantom member who went from working 9-5 to full-time and fully funded trader in one year.

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of the Canada.
  • Multiple funded 100k FTMO accounts.

Why Choose Phantom Trading?

Phantom Trading Founders

What separates Phantom from the rest of the pack is that our founders and team members all actually trade the Phantom strategy in the live market, with live capital in the form of prop firm funding, personal accounts, and private investors capital. We also share our live trades alongside MT5 terminal screenshots to prove we actually caught them.

Before our founders Brad and Kevin set out to start their own trading community, they were already trading this strategy for years with private investment capital well into the 7 figures+ mark! 

Phantom Trading Founders

Kevin worked on the trading floor as a manager at a financial institution in London, while Brad spent years honing his consistency as a trader while working full-time as a financial analyst and accountant for multiple software companies in Canada.

The reason Brad and Kev decided to start Phantom Trading is that many aspiring traders were asking them to create a trading community… so they set out with a vision to make learning how to trade more accessible, and to help people change their lives by teaching them how to trade by using what we now call the “Phantom Strategy”.

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phantom trading review
phantom trading review
phantom trading review
phantom trading review

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phantom trading review
phantom trading review
phantom trading review
phantom trading review
phantom trading review
phantom trading review