How To Become A Funded Trader With The Phantom Roadmap In 12 Months

ūüĎČ The journey to funding is broken down into two phases.

It’s a 12 month journey to secure funding through the prop-firm of your choice, then scaling it well into 6-figures and beyond!

The roadmap consists of 4 phases:

  • 3 months of studying the content and familiarizing yourself with the Phantom trading strategy so you can confidently practice it and sharpen your skills.
  • 3 months of practicing via backtesting sessions, demo accounts and free trial challenge accounts.
  • 3 months of implementation on live capital or prop firm challenge accounts.
  • 3+ months of securing and scaling capital funding by putting your newly developed skills to use, completing FTMO/MYFOREXFUNDS/E8FUNDING challenges and verifications (our recommended prop-firms).

We’ve put this roadmap together for you based on what most Phantom Members are able to achieve within a 12 month period on average.

With that being said, it’s fully possible to do it in under 12 months (we’ve seen many people do this), and in some cases it may take longer than 12 months. Remember, everyone learns at a different pace and comes from different trading backgrounds.

For some of our team members they’ve figured it out in under 12 months and for others it’s taken up to 2+ years. This is just the reality of trading. At the end of the day it comes down to your willingness to show up and implement what’s available to you. Consistency in your practice correlates directly to consistent profitability.

We’ve structured this roadmap in a way so that you set healthy expectations for yourself from the start and focus on the process of self improvement rather than being outcome dependent. Mastering these skillsets can truly transform your life, but only if you’re willing to come in and do the hard work of studying, practicing, and developing good discipline.

As of 2022, we’ve helped 1000s of students start on this journey. Since inception, we’ve helped hundreds of Phantom Members acquire capital funding ranging from $10k to $50k, 100k, 200k, 300k, and 400k+ with prop-firm scaling plans.

For comparison, it takes 4 years to get a university/college degree‚Ķ which doesn’t necessarily¬†guarantee you a job in your industry nor a guaranteed income.

While statistically, those who do complete a post-secondary degree earn more than those who don’t (on average), you’re still at the whim of the job market and it could be argued that taking on student-loan debt in countries that don’t subsidize tuition puts you at a financial disadvantage.

This roadmap was designed for those who are willing to put in 12 months of focused, consistent effort… with the potential to develop a skillset that can unlock a 6 Р7 figure per year income (or more) depending on what you put into it and how far you plan to take it.

So, don’t rush this process.

Give it the time it requires to start producing results!!

To give you an idea of the earning potential,¬†here is what you stand to gain on some standard sized, funded prop-firm accounts assuming you’re able¬†consistently produce 10R – 20R per month risking 1% per trade¬†(VERY achievable goal as a Phantom Trader):

Accounts in USD / GBP / EUR / CAD / AUD Base Currency:

  • ¬†10% –¬†20% on $50k Funding =¬†$5,000 – $10,000/month
  • ¬†10% –¬†20% on $100k¬†Funding¬†=¬†$10,000 – $20,000/month
  • ¬†10% –¬†20% on $200k¬†Funding¬†=¬†$20,000 – $40,000/month
  • ¬†10% –¬†20% on $300k¬†Funding¬†=¬†$30,000 – $60,000/month
  • ¬†10% –¬†20% on $400k¬†Funding¬†= $40,000 – $80,000/month

‚ėĚÔłŹ¬†How would this change your life?

Even if you only did half as well and hit 5R (%) months consistently (which is MORE than do-able with this strategy)…

Would things not change for you?

Really let¬†this sink in…

Because it’s absolutely attainable if you put the work in to find your consistency as a trader.

How would your life change if you focused, developed this skillset… and achieved true confidence, consistency and funding in your trading?

Take some time right now to think about this and visualize for yourself why you MUST hit these targets.

Create for yourself a strong WHY that drives you to take action and focus on mastery of your trading skill.

It’s been done before by COUNTLESS others in here, and we know that it’s worked for a large portion of traders.

Think to yourself,¬†“If¬†it can be done by others, it can be done by me… by following the same processes.”

The highest leverage actions you can be taking going forward are:

Studying Our Core Course Content. 
The course content within the members area — to learn the mechanics of our strategy and how to master your psychology). Plus, using the resources in discord to aid you in your journey.

Testing What You’ve Learned.¬†
Practicing your trading via¬†simulation & hindsight backtesting, demo trading, and in a small live account. Creating case studies and comparing our team’s markups (available in¬†ourdiscord) against your own to develop a variation of the trading system that is tailored to you.

Asking For Help When You Need It. Noting down questions as you make your way through the course content and asking questions in the discord or on our live group calls.

Combine this with your learnings from our suggested reading inside the course welcome series to become laser-focused and hyper-efficient in your studies to up the chances of finding long-term success as a trader.

EVERYTHING¬†that you’ll ever need to see success as a trader is packed into this monthly membership, plus more as we continue to constantly improve the course and our edges as traders.

Apply what we teach, get your feet wet in a demo/live trading environment or challenge account,¬†get support when you need it, and you’ll increase your odds of coming out of this process with an invaluable skill that you’ll be able to use for the rest of trading career.

We are YOUR coaches.

What fills our cup is seeing you progress and smash the milestones that are important to you.

We want you confident, consistent and funded — Whether that takes 6 months because you’ve got experience in the markets, or 24+ months because you’re brand new to trading.¬†

Every week Phantom Members are cracking consistency and acquiring funding.

We want the same for you.

So, let’s work together to make that happen.

Jump in, get started on the course content and we’ll see you in the Discord shortly with a warm welcome awaiting you!!ūü§Ě

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It Though…

Have a look at just a handful of our member results:

Meet Tyson

Phantom member turned funded team member in under a year.

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of Australia.
  • Now making more in one trade than he did working 12 months at his job.

Meet Dan

Day 1 Phantom member who went from working 9-5 to full-time and fully funded trader in one year.

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of the Canada.
  • Multiple funded 100k FTMO accounts.

Meet Abdi

From struggling to pay the monthly membership fee at $80/month… making $500 per month at his job (6k/year at work) to doing $50,000 in a single month trading his new funded account

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of the UK.
  • FTMO 100k and did $50k in a single month.

Meet Chan

Aquired $400,000 in funding from FTMO after joining Phantom Trading.

    Meet Nico

    Hitting a $40,000 week with the Phantom Trading Strategy!

      Meet Tharindu

      Aquiring another $80,000 in captial for a total of $380,000 in funding!

        For¬†FAR MORE member result¬†posts, funding verifications, trade screenshots and feedback…

        Have a look through our Instagram Story highlights at @phantomtradingfx

        Please feel free to direct message us on Instagram with any remaining questions about Phantom.

        Different Approaches To Learning How To Trade Professionally

        Your Average Traders


        You decide you want to get into trading to make some money and supplement your income, so you watch a few YouTube tutorials.

        You get up a Tradingview subscription.

        And you make your way through a handful of the mainstream courses.

        Yet you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the information and conflicting concepts being taught.

        You begin wondering if full time trading will ever become a reality for you as it’s proving to be harder than you expected.

        Those doubts continue to stack as you jump from group to group in hopes of finding the answer.

        You continue taking losses or ending up back at breakeven wondering what you’re doing wrong.

        Finding support becomes challenging because your trading style is a blend of too many different concepts.

        You feel lost, confused, alone in this… and decide to give up on trading altogether.

        You carry on at your 9-5… part of you left wondering whether or not you could have made it had you gone about it differently.

        Beginner Phantom Traders


        You’re brand new to trading OR you’ve tried taking other trading courses.

        You know you want to master this skillset so you can unlock financial freedom, and you come across Phantom Trading.

        You discover that pure focus on your strategy and trading psychology is the only way to find consistency, and you realize why most traders fail.

        You come to the realization that less is more.

        ONE comprehensive strategy, ONE support group trading the same way, ONE proven roadmap to that will take you into profitability.

        And so you decide to drop anything else trading related and fully commit to this approach ALONE for the next 12 months.

        You follow the Phantom Trading roadmap to a tee.

        You go through the course lessons, practicing the strategy, getting help from our funded team of coaches as you go… as it’s all laid out for you.

        In 6 months you‚Äôre already seeing some consistency in your demo or small live accounts and free challenges… and you’re hitting higher +R/% trades more consistently than ever before.

        Advanced Phantom Traders


        With this newfound confidence you’ve found with the consistentcy you’re seeing in your trading you decide to apply for funding and you pass BOTH the challenge and verification stages with the prop firm you chose.

        You’ve now got a funded account and a support network of likeminded traders around you to help you scale up!

        Maybe you start with a $10k or $50k account, then move up to $100k, then $200k, $300, and $400k+ doing 5-10% a month or more. With enough funding and captial behind your trades, you see how quickly your earning potential can really snowball.

        Trading from home, on your terms, your schedule. Your earning potential is in your hands, completely.

        You‚Äôve “made it” and you‚Äôve proven to yourself that making money as a trader is actually possible, and you realize it’s actually one of the most lucrative businesses to be in. You stop doubting yourself, and so do the people in your life that know that you trade for a living.

        You become a living example of what’s possible and traders in your network look up to you and want to be around you. You go on to leave your 9-5 after proving 1-2 years of consistent profitability as a trader and you can scale your accounts and start pursuing passion projects and other businesses and investments to really build long lasting wealth for you and your family.

        Are you ready to make this real for you?

        Get Started Today Only $147/Month!

        Note: There are no contracts or commitments. You can cancel at any time. Just get started and¬†decide for yourself if we’re the right fit!

        Access all current and future Phantom FX content to learn and master forex trading technicals and psychology. Join over 2,000 members who are currently on track to becoming a full time funded trader.

        We want you confident, consistent and funded within the next 12 months… let’s make it happen!

        DISCLAIMER: The information above are our students results. Please understand that these results are not typical, and we’re not implying you‚Äôll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of having been day trading for 50+ years across the team. We’re using these references for educational purposes only. ¬†

        The average person who follows any ‚Äúhow to‚ÄĚ information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. Trading business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, this is not for you.