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Funded Trader Roadmap

Learn how some of our students were able to achieve 6, and even 7 figures in prop firm funding by following the Phantom Trading Funded Trader Roadmap. Get full access to our FREE guide and discover the exact steps our most successful traders took to build consistent profitability and to become funded traders!

Meet Tyson

Phantom member turned funded team member in under a year.

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of Australia.
  • Now making more in one trade than he did working 12 months at his job.

Meet Dan

Day 1 Phantom member who went from working 9-5 to full-time and fully funded trader in one year.

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of the Canada.
  • Multiple funded 100k FTMO accounts.

Meet Abdi

From struggling to pay the monthly membership fee at $80/month… making $500 per month at his job (6k/year at work) to doing $50,000 in a single month trading his new funded account

  • Full time trader.
  • Based out of the UK.
  • FTMO 100k and did $50k in a single month.

Meet Chan @rightness.trading

Aquired $400,000 in funding from FTMO after joining Phantom Trading.

    Meet Nico

    Hitting a $40,000 week with the Phantom Trading Strategy!

      Meet Tharindu

      Aquiring another $80,000 in captial for a total of $380,000 in funding!